Justin Bieber 加州好莱坞比佛利山四季酒店


4 月 16 日,Justin Bieber 离开加州洛杉矶比佛利山四季酒店时与粉丝自拍合影

How sweet! Justin Bieber smiling, and took selfies with fans as he left the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, California on April 16.


一名幸运的女粉丝能与 Justin Bieber 自拍合影,而 Justin Bieber 的保镖就在附近。

吐槽:围巾应该和 13 日在在科切拉音乐节演唱时戴的渔夫帽 一样脱销了吧~

One lucky fan was able to take a selfie with Justin, as his bodyguards stayed nearby.
Justin was covering his eyes with aviator shades, as well as his famous washboard abs with a white T-shirt. He sported black leather tracksuit bottoms that he paired with red high-top sneakers matching his bandana scarf.