Justin Bieber 更改了其 Shots 账号为 @SirBizzle,这与他在 SoundCloud 上新建立的账号名一致。他的 Shots 地址为 http://shots.me/sirbizzle

Shots 是一个分享自拍照的社交网络 iOS 应用程序。Justin Bieber 对此软件公司投资了 110 万美元。

Justin Bieber Changes his Account Username to @SirBizzle

Justin has changed his SHOTS.ME account name @Bizzle to @SirBizzle.

Hopefully this is the last time he changes his username. It confuses some fans.

Shots is a selfie photo sharing application and social network for iOS

The company held a second round of funding for $1.1 million, which was led by Justin Bieber. Bieber had previously provided feedback for games developed by Shots Mobile, Inc.

He also promoted the games through Twitter.